Private Jet Cost.

Private Jet Cost

When you consider everything that comes with flying commercial – the long security lines, inevitable flight delays, crowded cabins, limited food options, mass confusion at baggage claim, and the added safety concerns due to a global pandemic – it’s no surprise as to why some frequent flyers opt to purchase their own aircraft. However, a new private jet could run anywhere from $3 million to $90 million, depending on what kind you’re looking to buy.

Once the jet is purchased, you’ll also have to pay for any necessary maintenance, insurance, hangar fees, jet fuel, and staff to operate it, which could quickly soar to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. Not to mention that a majority of the time, your investment will be sitting on the tarmac, depreciating in value. Private jet ownership, while a somewhat attractive option, is also costly.

These astronomical costs are why many savvy private flyers choose on demand, asset-light, no-commitment solutions like the ones that XO offers. Whether you’re an occasional flyer or travel frequently, XO meets every type of private aviation need. Before making such a large purchase, weigh your options, and you may find that a membership program or rent a private jet may be the best choice to make for you and your wallet.