Phoenix Deer Valley Airport

Phoenix Deer Valley Airport is a public airport owned by the city of Phoenix and is categorized as a reliever airport for Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

Airport history

In the 1950s, the Sperry Flight Systems Company established an aerospace/defense manufacturing facility in the desert north of Phoenix. While the plant was under construction, roughly 480 acres to the north nearby was also leased as the potential site for a new flight testing facility. This land was later developed into a private airport and then sold to the city of Phoenix in 1971. Quite a few flight research and general aviation firms began using the airport to base their operations from. Its terminal building, flight control tower, runways, and many other facilities and safety features were able to be upgraded thanks to funds provided by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Airport location

Phoenix Deer Valley Airport sits just17 miles north of Phoenix, in Maricopa County, Arizona. 

Airport facts

● The airport sits on 914 acres at an elevation of 1,478 feet, with two asphalt runways: 7R/25L is 8,196' x 100' and 7L/25R is 4,500' x 75'

●The airport had 378,777 aircraft operations in 2017, averaging 1,037 per day. 

● In 2017, the airport recorded 378,777 aircraft movements, making it the 25th busiest airport in the world by aircraft movements and the busiest general aviation airport in the world.

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