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Airports in Memphis

The following is a list of airports servicing private charter flights in this area.

  1. Memphis Intl

    KMEM / MEM


    Signature Flight Support

  2. Olive Branch

    KOLV / OLV

  3. Jonesboro Muni

    KJBR / JBR

  4. University - Oxford

    KUOX / UOX


    University / Oxford Airport

  5. Arkansas Intl

    KBYH / BYH

  6. Millington Rgnl Jetport

    KNQA / NQA

  7. Tunica Municipal

    KUTA / UTM

  8. West Memphis Muni

    KAWM / AWM

  9. Delta Rgnl

    KDRP / DRP

  10. Forrest City Muni

    KFCY / FCY

  11. Fayette County


  12. Thompson - Robbins

    KHEE / HEE

  13. Blytheville Muni

    KHKA / HKA

  14. Manila Muni

    KMXA / MXA

  15. Panola County


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