Plan Now to Enjoy Europe This Summer

Apr 22, 2024

With major sports events in Germany and France drawing crowds from across the globe this summer, booking your private flights as soon as possible will be even more important.  

Private air travel restrictions will be in place surrounding both events, and there will be limited aircraft parking availability if you plan to attend. With early booking, XO aviation experts can help secure your travel on private flights across all cabin classes. 

Key Dates:  

June 14 through July 14  

Football in Germany   

July 26 through August 11 

The  Summer Games in Paris  

August 28 through September 8  

Additional Summer Games (inquire for details) 

Important Information:  


  • Priorities for aircraft parking will go to flights carrying the football teams.
  • Private travelers flying to any of the airports supporting access to the games will be affected. 
  • Airports are considering the two days before the match until the day after the match as the busiest period, especially for the below match dates:  


   9 July  — Munich  

   10 July — Dortmund  


   14 July —  Berlin 

Summer Games: 

  • On July 26,15:30 UTC and 22:00 UTC, air traffic will be interrupted at LFPG, LFPO, LFPB and LFOB.  
  • For security reasons, a no-fly zone will be implemented around Paris at 16:30 UTC and 22:00 UTC, and will span an area of 150 kilometers with overflights impacted as well. 
  • With both diplomatic flights and private flights expected, early booking and flight arrangements are strongly advised for travel to the games or destinations across Europe at these times. 

Please contact an XO aviation expert soon at +44 20 4538 0864 to plan your flights.