Discover the Game-changing Bombardier Global 7500 Available in the U.S. for the First Time

Feb 14, 2024

Responding to high demand, Vista is bringing state-of-the-art Bombardier Global 7500s to the U.S. for the first time, extending global access to the world’s fastest, longest-range business jet. Vista has the world’s largest business fleet of Global 7500s — with 18 in the Vista Members’ fleet of more than 300 private aircraft.

Clients can book flights through XO with no upfront investment, ownership requirement, or long-term commitment. XO aviation experts are available night or day in every time zone.

The most advanced and capable aircraft in the world, the Global 7500 has a 17-hour non-stop flying range, perfect for travel between high-demand routes including Los Angeles to Tokyo, San Francisco to Sydney, New York to Rio, or Dubai.

The unique cabin experience of the Global 7500 features:

  • Four true living spaces, including a private stateroom with a permanent bed and sleeping arrangements for up to eight passengers across the cabin
  • A cinema room with flat-screen TV, surround sound across the entire cabin, noise cancelling headphones from Bowers & Wilkins, and ambient lighting
  • A large galley to facilitate private dining with seasonal menu options across all cuisines
  • Precision-engineered wings create an exceptionally smooth ride
  • Jetlag-reducing technology, ergonomic seating, and cabin lighting that automatically adjusts to synchronize your circadian rhythm with the time of your destination, also bring unparalleled comfort inflight

Throughout North America, the Global 7500 is operated by Vista America with top aviation experts and premium, high-touch service for every journey.

 Vista was the first in the world to introduce the Global 7500 in 2021. Vista took delivery of its tenth Global 7500 in 2022 and its eighteenth in 2023, making it the first and only private aviation group with a Global 7500 fleet of this size.  By extending domestic availability to the U.S. market, Vista is committed to continuing to set the standard for unparalleled global connectivity and performance.

XO is part of Vista, the world’s leading global private aviation group, covering 96% of the world. Through its premier private aviation network, XO offers access to the most extensive fleet in the industry, including the Vista Members’ fleet.