Private jet from Guangzhou to Shanghai & Back

Guangzhou area airports

Discover airports in Guangzhou and vicinity

  1. Baoan

    ZGSZ / SZX

  2. New Guangzhou Baiyun Intl

    ZGGG / CAN

  3. Sanzao

    ZGSD / ZUH

  4. Shadi

    ZGFS / FUO

Shanghai area airports

Discover airports in Shanghai and vicinity

  1. Pudong

    ZSPD / PVG

  2. Hongqiao

    ZSSS / SHA

  3. Nantong

    ZSNT / NTG

  4. Shoufang

    ZSWX / WUX

  5. Suzhou

    ZSSZ / SZV

Popular Routes

  1. Shenzhen to Shanghai
  2. Zhuhai to Shanghai
  3. Canton to Shanghai
  4. Dongguan to Shanghai
  5. Foshan to Shanghai
  6. Guangzhou to Changzhou
  7. Guangzhou to Nantong
  8. Guangzhou to Suzhou
  9. Guangzhou to Wuxi
  10. Shenzhen to Changzhou
  11. Shenzhen to Nantong
  12. Shenzhen to Suzhou
  13. Shenzhen to Wuxi
  14. Zhuhai to Changzhou
  15. Zhuhai to Nantong
  16. Zhuhai to Suzhou
  17. Zhuhai to Wuxi
  18. Canton to Changzhou
  19. Canton to Nantong
  20. Canton to Suzhou
  21. Canton to Wuxi
  22. Dongguan to Changzhou
  23. Dongguan to Nantong
  24. Dongguan to Suzhou
  25. Dongguan to Wuxi
  26. Foshan to Changzhou
  27. Foshan to Nantong
  28. Foshan to Suzhou
  29. Foshan to Wuxi

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